SEASON 2020/21 🌪



Straight outta UGANDA


“Like any other African, I definitely miss the weather! "

Ugandan striker and top scorer, Moses Mpiriirwe gives his views on the cultural difference both on and off the pitch with the Hurricanes

The Masked Man


Oscar Fernández Peña after scoring a goal celebrates in-style with a Lucha Libre mask.
Why is he doing it? What's the meaning behind it? 

Das Wunder von Berne


“...51 beers at the bar in Berne later and we got what we came for: a very deserved three points.” -  We remember with great joy our miracle in Berne in 2016, one of our most iconic matches.

A German Hurricane


How is it to be a German Hurricane? We sat down with Christian Rintsch to know his story and how he feels about being one of the few German players in the club.


"We never imagined, that what started as a weekly Kick-about to have fun and integrate while playing football at the park, would develop as an international football club playing among the most traditional amateur clubs in Hamburg"

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