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Where it all started. First team plays currently on the Kreisliga 5 and have been led since the very beginning by Frenchman Guillaume Hounsoume, helping the team to be promoted 5 times in 5 straight years.  


2018/19: 6th - HFV Kreisliga 5

2017/18: 3rd - HFV Kreisklasse 

2016/17: 1st - HFV Kreisklasse B3

2015/16: 1st - HFFG Freizeitliga Division 3 

2014/15: 2nd - HFFG Freizeitliga Division 4

After the first team moved into the German Amateur Football System in 2016, 2nd team was formed for those members to continue playing on a social environment. The team developed strongly within 3 years and are newly playing in the Kreisklasse B, the league which the 1st team won in 2017.


2018/19: 3rd - HFFG Freizeitliga Division 1

2017/18: 5th - HFFG Freizeitliga Division 2 

2016/17: 5th - HFFG Freizeitliga Division 2

To continue the legacy on the Freizeitliga, 3rd team inherited the 1st and 2nd teams' success to now play at the HFFG Oberliga.

If you are looking to play on a more casual basis, this is your team!


2019/20:  - HFFG Oberliga

Kreisliga meaning

What does Kreisliga and  

Kreisklasse mean?

To understand how Amateur German Football is structured and in what level do our teams currently play, we tried to explain the whole scheme in a very simple way:

Copy of What you need to know-3_edited.p

If after looking at the graphic you ask yourself: is it possible that the Hurricanes one day play Bundesliga vs. FC Bayern & Co.? - Well, theoretically YES, it's possible. But we don't want to make it hard for them and we'd like to keep enjoying the amateur football spirit. #thisisrealfootball

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