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We are a grassroots, amateur football club: 


Open minded, friendly, multicultural, community oriented club fighting discrimination and supporting equal opportunities/rights for all


What do we want to become?

An internationally renowned cult club, recognised as the best amateur club in the world but without necessarily aiming for promotion through the football system to a professional level, we should always stay true to our amateur roots and only recruit open minded/internationally minded people (i.e. expats). A commitment to providing our players and fans with a "real" football experience, a healthy alternative to the money obsessed and morally corrupt professional game. We will aim to create a high profile with football supporters worldwide and through this position can be a force for good through charity events and other social and political causes.


On 22nd October 2011 the following was posted on the Toytown Germany Hamburg page,

"I have seen lots of posts on here for people interested in playing football and wondered if anyone would be prepared to help start a new 11 aside team for next season? This would be a great way to play regular football while bringing together different cultures currently living in Hamburg. I’m certain there are enough of us "foreigners" in Hamburg who want to play football, it would be great to see a team of all nationalities enjoying football while making friends at the same time."

We are the Hamburg Hurricanes

We are the Hamburg Hurricanes

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Sportanlage Neue Welt

Jahnring, 22297 Hamburg

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