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We chose in 2017 to support Street Child and their campaign “Right to Learn” in Sierra Leone and Liberia. This appeal aims to send as many children to school as possible, some for the first time in their lives, just 35 EUR can send a child to school for a whole year. But just sending children to school is not enough, Street Child also invest in the basic infrastructure of the communities to ensure families can continue to support themselves and maintain their children’s education in the long term. 

Back then we set a target to raise 3500 EUR to send 100 children to school in one of the poorest countries in the world. We believe that those 100 children have the potential to have a huge, positive impact on their communities in the future, which in turn can benefit the country and region as a whole

We planned to raise this money in a number of ways, involving not only our club members but also people around them:

•“Small change 4 big changes” – Everyone has a spare change jar at home, many of our players donated theirs at our club Christmas party in two occasions.

•“Pfand = Funds” – Pfand is the German word for the deposit on most plastic and glass bottles, instead of recycling your bottles and taking a small amount off your next shopping bill, this went straight as a donation.

•Luke Webster (Club President), Guillaume Hounsome (First Team Manager/Vice President) & Tom Hobbins (Assistant Manager) ran the Hamburg Marathon in April 2018 in the name of our campaign. For those who don’t know, Luke and Guillaume have one healthy knee between us, so this was even more of a challenge for them than for most people! In 2019 Tom took the courage to repeat the marathon deed, while Luke & Guillaume ran the half marathon in the summer for the same purpose.

As of today we've reached over 3.700€ worth of donations💰.

If you are interested in supporting the cause, click here to go to our donations page. 

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