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"WASH" Project in Sierra Leone


The Hamburg Hurricanes are not only about playing football. We chose once again to support Street Child as our official charity for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. The "WASH" project in Sierra Leone is in our eyes now.

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The need

The lack of gender-specific sanitation and access to safe drinking water remains a challenge in many of the schools in Sierra Leone. Poor sanitation in schools can have a significant impact on children's health and development, resulting in many school days being lost. For girls, the lack of such facilities also hampers school attendance as they get older. It is estimated that half of all girls are dropping out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa, lack of water and sanitation is the main factor, and another 10% of girls who have reached puberty do not go to school during menstruation. This has a serious impact on the educational level and the likelihood of graduating. Recent data show that only 71% of girls enrolling complete primary education in Sierra Leone.

The Project

This project involves the installation of a water and sanitation facility, including separate latrines for girls, boys and teachers. All of this work will be assigned to World Hope International's experienced WASH implementation teams to ensure the most effective time and money. Street Child's local teams are responsible for community consultation and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of schools, including visit statistics. 

Specific activities that will be covered by the project financing include:​​

Wash project.png

The implementation partner for this project is World Hope International (WHI). Since 2004, they have been working to deliver effective, long-lasting WASH programs in Sierra Leone to enable local people to live healthier and more productive lives through access to clean water. Street Child is fortunate enough to benefit from the experience and logistical knowledge of World Hope International in the country. Working with such an experienced partner will ensure that the facilities and training our schools receive are of very high quality and have the potential to provide long-term health benefits to the communities in which we work. 

Costs Overview

Here is an overview of the amount of funding required to make this project a reality:

  • Establishment of an income program for a school (eg school-owned rice or seed bank) - € 2,240.00 

  • Control and evaluation - € 400

  • Construction of a hand pump/well - € 2,500

  • Provision of 3 toilet blocks for a school - € 4,492.00


How will we raise the funds?

To raise this money we will use a variety of activities during the season such as collecting loose change from our members, donations at matches, sponsored runs, sponsored football matches, auctions and anything else we can think of to hit our target.

But in particular, a handful of brave Hurricanes will take on their biggest challenge yet, an 82km race/hike around Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze.

For more information and updates on our current fundraising events please like our Facebook page or check our website

For more information about Street Child and the amazing work they do please visit 

As of today we've reached nearly 3.000€ worth of donations💰.

If you are interested in supporting the cause,

click here to go to our donations page. 

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