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Farewell my friend!

A true Hurricanes legend has left a big whole in our defence, our club and our hearts. Sam McHattie, known as General McHattie or "The Kiwi Beast", decided for personal reasons to return to back home to the Land of the White Cloud.


Though a very calm and quiet lad, Sam would definitely fool you on match day. A very strong and physical defender on the pitch (he never ran out of power), and was never messing around, playing always the ball to safety.


He started with the Second Team in 2017, back when they still played in the Freizeitliga. Coach Guillaume spotted him on the one or the other Saturday game and decided to bring him in for 1st team action on the second half of the season. He made his debut for the 1st team against Bergstedt in March 2018. He did not only start the game, but scored a goal from a corner kick, minutes before haft time, bring us back into the game (2-1). Unfortunately the game didn't go our way, losing the party 4-1. 


After the Hurricanes were promoted to the Kreisliga for the 2018/19 campaign, Sam proved to be a robust center back. He came to form a great and fruitful partnership with Nico Guimont as the preferred center backs and the pair didn't prove the coach wrong, as the 'Canes were the best defence on the league.

Among outstanding performances, there are a couple to remember against Duvenstedt, SC Eilbek, VfL 93 & Walddörfer.


While there was not the possibility to have a proper good bye party thanks to lockdown restrictions, we reached out to him and asked him a couple of things, which we are happy to share:

What were the first impressions when you joined?

“I felt very welcomed by the whole club. Even from the first training session, many players introduced themselves and seemed interested in me, giving tips about Hamburg and offering support if needed.”


201910_Walddorfer 15.JPG

What I liked the most?


“Definitely the international community! Being able to meet people from all over the world with different life and cultural backgrounds in the relaxed environment of a sports team was a very special opportunity. This was also evident on the football pitch with the mix of football styles all combined (normally successfully) in one team. With new people coming every week, there was also a chance to meet someone or learn something new.”

What will I miss? 


“The above-mentioned international community as well as the many off field team bonding sessions. Although hopefully I will be able to stay in contact with many of the players and I'm sure we'll see each other somewhere in the world.”


Not only are we losing one of the Hurricane’s best ever defenders, but also a great friend and mentor. From the Hurricanes to the McHatties, we wish you nothing but the best and remember to always bring the storm!

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